The last tea

Издавач: Издавачки центар ТРИ

ISBN: 14493

Корица: softcover

Нема на залиха

Краток опис

The Last Tea, by Vinka Sazdova, is a novel about one woman’s quest to rediscover herself and to find a new meaning in life. The forty-year-old protagonist suddenly leaves her family – her husband and three children – and embarks on a spiritual journey far from home to an ashram in India.

Encouraged by the people she befriends and their life stories, as well as her own emerging reminiscences even stronger than the real events, she manages to fight her demons and attain harmony within herself. Absolved from the chains of the past, she is finally ready to embrace life and live in the present, realizing that home is where you are.

The Last Tea opens up our own stories. It encourages us to face them and accept them for what they are, whether beautiful or ugly. This is a novel in which sometimes even a single sentence is as great as a story which one ponders over for a long time. As long as it takes for it to fuse into the intimate story of the one reading it.

Compassionate. Loving. Gentle, yet strong. Which softly speaks of cruel truths and wounds, showing you how to heal them and turn them into tranquility. 



Винка Саздова

Винка Саздова е родена на 10 август 1956 година, во Стрезовце, Република Македонија. Има завршено Филозофски факултет во Скопје, на Катедрата по психологија. Била новинар во Културната редакција на ...

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