co-Wood Architecture Now! Vol. 2

Издавач: TASCHEN

ISBN: 9783836535939

Година на издавање: 2013

Број на страници: 416

Димензии: 9.25 x 1.5 x 11.5

Корица: hardcover

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As soon as our earliest ancestors first ventured out of their caves, they turned to wood for their protective structures. The ultimate renewable resource for architecture is also our oldest, rich with the evocation of bygone harmony between human beings and their environment.

For some time pushed to the wayside by steel, concrete, and glass, wood has recently experienced an exciting revival. With the help of computer-driven design and manufacturing techniques, this primary construction material has been rediscovered and reimagined, crafted into geometric marvels, smooth shelters, and light, airy interiors.

From Snøhetta’s Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion, with its CNC-milled timber wall, to beautiful modern homes in Japan, from urban centers to wild and unforgiving landscapes, see how this ancient building matter has come to construct some of the most innovative and contemporary buildings of today.


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