Build Your Own Human Skeleton

Издавач: TASCHEN

ISBN: 9783836572545

Димензии: 50.5 x 65

Корица: hardcover

Нема на залиха

Краток опис

A model of the human skeleton made entirely of foldable cardboard
  • Life-size model (1.8 m / 5'9'')
  • With anatomical labels in English and Latin
  • Has joints that bend and straighten
  • Cardboard kit
  • Precut pieces with indentations for the folds (no need for scissors or glue)
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • For demonstration purposes at school and college
  • An ideal gift for medical students, doctors, or indeed anyone else
  • To put your clothes on, pose with in photographs, or dance around with


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