gr-25 Sieff

Издавач: TASCHEN

ISBN: 3727

Година на издавање: 2010

Број на страници: 192

Димензии: 24.49 x 2.08 x 31.04

Корица: hardcover

Нема на залиха

Краток опис

This title is a Taschen 25 - Special edition! In this unique monograph, Jeanloup Sieff (1933-2000) retraces in words and images the course of 40 years of photographs, encounters, and memories. Divided into four chapters, from the 50s to the 90s, the book brings together the major photographs of a creator who left his imprint on a generation with prolific work in the fields of fashion, advertising, and portrait photography. Sieff's art testifies to his tireless quest to capture the fleeting beauty of 'temps perdu', or 'time which cannot recur'.


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